Perilous Progress

It's been a few months now since John and I became an "Item" and I guess things have been going ok. We never run out of things to talk about, that's for sure, and I'm still attracted to John, but we have arguments much more frequently than I would like to admit. He's just so charming, so there are always lots of people around him and many times they're women. I don't want to share him with them, but I try to keep my mouth shut for the most part. I know he's just doing his job. But when we do have a little tiff, it's always the first thing to fly from my lips.

So, this week I've been focusing less on my jealousy and more on my work. I have made a little progress in figuring out why the latest tested treatment failed so I'm not feeling like a total waste of space. It appears that the virus has split into yet another strain to deal with the treatment. There are probably a couple million versions of the virus that have passed through this planet in one community or another.

You see, viruses are interesting animals. When you figure out how to kill one, you make copies of the dead one to vaccinate people. As you vaccinate for the first time, you need to do it slowly, to see how it will affect someone's body besides just making them immune to the virus. Well, with a lot of simple viruses, the result is a fairly good resistance to the parasite. However, with some viruses, such as HIV, Influenza, and PTA, the result is that the parasite evolves. For some viruses, like PTA, the result is a weaker, less mobile parasite. It is taking a very, very long time to weaken it, but the results are there. The virus is finding fewer and fewer yet footholds on our brain cells. The scary part is that these medications may end up damaging our brains, because in the foreseeable future, the only option will be a set of booster inoculations to debilitate and eradicate any forms of the virus we may have. Either that or a cocktail. All designed to kill a neural virus. We have yet to discover whether it's possible to contract multiple strains. There are rumors, but we've yet to get someone to survive it long enough to make it to a government doctor.

And so, despite the small steps we make in fighting this bug, every time you kill one strain, a new one pops up to kill you back. Now, that wouldn't be quite so bad, except that there are a couple hundred governments throwing different ideas at each new strain, not to mention any private researchers. Although they are few and far between, they do still exist.

It's an uphill battle, trying to kill this thing, but we do seem to have one advantage: Every new strain is somewhat less potent than the version before it. Every one is deadly, yes, but some strains are less painful getting there, and others may not even reanimate your body. It's taken us ten years to push the firus this far in devolution. Maybe in another ten we can force it to chose just one method of infection?

That's my current goal, anyway. Breed it out like a purebred animal. Breed it out until we can simply deal with it in the same manner we deal with any other virus: treat the symptoms. If it keeps going this way, maybe we can even start treating their infected so their suffering is a little less within my career? I've been talking to the girls in neuro, and they're saying the turned might still be able to register pain to a certain point after turning. Can you imagine? Having no control over your body but still feeling pain and hunger? I don't even want to think about it... that would be worse than just dying and getting it all over with, don't you think?

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