My brain is tired

It's been three days now. Three days of this damned conference, and there's nothing anyone's said that's made a damn difference in our knowledge. It's all conjecture, guessing, and reports of failure.

I guess it's not all bad. There have been some interesting (and occasionally entertaining) presentations. Of course, though, mines going to be last and I still have no idea what to talk about. What do I say, really? Nothing we've tried has worked. This is the most depressing convention in the world, and I'm the closing speaker.
It's been kind of fun, I must admit, hearing the possible origins. From aliens to plants to bio terrorism to evolution to creationism, everyone's got this elaborate explanation of how the world started falling apart. I'll add some notes to my journal about the more interesting (and disturbing) theories later. And those of us trying to find a foothold for new research on treatment and disposal are having a field day with new ideas and areas of possibility to explore.
But it's depressing, all the same, that another year has gone by and nobody has anything to show for it. Because of the six fatal incidents in labs around the world, the government is trying to regulate how and why we would be able to get or test on infected undead. There are also the activists saying were monsters for studying and testing on the undead. As if they were going to live otherwise, as if they wouldn't turn around and kill others if we didn't lock them up or kill them.
I digress. I'm just so tired of it all. Some days I just wan to quit, but that just isn't an option. I'm a scientist. I don't know how else I could support Belle and myself if we didn't work for and live with the government.

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