Newton Crowne, professional jerk

Newton Crowne is an infuriating genius. He's a infuriating because no matter what you ask, he has a sarcastic answer. He's a genius because I've never heard him or seen him or read of him making an assumption or inference that didn't turn out true.

His being so smart is the reason the government includes him in our conventions. What headway we have made may not have been possible (or at least wouldn't have come so speedily) without his input. Crowne doesn't work for any branch of government or politics, he doesn't work for a school, he doesn't work for anyone, really. He's basically a freelance adviser for... everyone. He's got his fingers in everything from science to military to international government. And yet he isn't tied down to any of them.

I don't trust him at all, but he's got that way of talking that makes even the lamest conspiracy theory come to life. So I'm going to include the highlights of his origins rants here, just in case I ever find any evidence to prove or to disprove anything he's said.

1. The motives: Before the breakout of PTA, there were activists crying for a plague. They claimed that 2/3 of the Earth's resources had been used up by humans. They claimed that if a natural disaster of biblical scale didn't take place, humans would be starved to death, or kill each other for room, or suffocate. They said that oil production had peaked out years ago, and that we would soon be running out of fuel. Poverty, they said, was going to become rampant, we would run out of room to grow food, and crime was going to skyrocket. Basically, the civilized world was about to implode if we didn't do something.

2. The plan: We needed to kill at least one-third of the population of earth. 2 billion human beings needed to die in order to bring the population back to a sustainable level.

3. The success story: Look at the numbers. How many people died during the first wave of PTA? The survival rate is 4% on a good day, on a good diet, with good care. The immunity rate is less than 1%. These people were smart, and they knew that if they wanted to affect the world globally, take down at least 2.6 billion people, they would have to commit some overkill. So they designed something that, once exposed, you had a 5% chance of surviving exposure. I'll tell you how many people died during that first wave, 3,800,000,000 humans died. That's half of the world. That's enough to keep the population at sustainable levels for generations, if we utilize the tools we've made to save energy, space, and control reproduction.

4. The possibility: This parasite was not likely made in a natural earth setting. There are two likely answers: it came from space or it came from a lab. For those of you who are not inclined to believing in little green beings from the stars, as I am not, you should instead look into the possibility that this is an enemy we have all seen and known our whole lives: terrorists.

What did I tell you? He's a jerk. But he may be right. He's not really a researcher, he does most of his study in conjecture and linking things together, but isn't that what we wanted? A new view on the possible origin so we could see a new view on treatment? But if this is bio-terrorism, how do you treat it? It's designed to kill. Why wouldn't the manufacturers have included a self-destruct, to save themselves or whoever's left after the job was done?

Or maybe they did. Maybe that's why the nucleus essentially eats itself and then dies. Maybe we should start looking into that 1% immune community again and find what the common difference is, even though there is none biologically or treatment-wise. If this is a biological weapon, that means that any immune community is immune for a reason. The only problem is we only know of 1,500 immune people this side of the Mississippi who are willing to be studied, and all of them are currently in a program. Which means I'm going to have to request someone else's notes instead of seeing it for myself. Not to mention, they're not looking for what I'm looking for. 

But at least I might have a lead.What a good feeling to have again, an idea. Maybe I won't quit my job after all.

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