Notes on John's presentation

So every leading researcher had to make a presentation on the video chat, including John and myself. Even though John and I have talked at length about his research and theories, I still made sure to write everything down for the sake of my lab's records.

1. There was a piece of extra-terrestrial rock that hit Earth shortly before the initial outbreak, at a farm that just-so-happened to supply much of the food for the people at the initial infection zone.

2. The PTA cells look and act like nothing we've ever seen on Earth before. There is no evidence to believe that it has any ancestors on this planet. There is also no evidence it came from elsewhere, however, we cannot rule out that possibility.

3. We have known about the microbes living on other planets for decades. What evidence do we have that this is not another one?

4. When following the trajectory of the fallen rock, it leads us back to a dead planet. However, if, somehow, its course had been slightly altered right before it hit that planet, it would lead back to one that we've not yet studied. At the moment, we are focusing our efforts here, on Earth, on treating the ill. However, if we were to really try to eliminate impossible theories of origin for PTA, our first step would be collecting data about that planet, because it shows the appearance of a life-sustaining temperature.
     4.A. That planet does not appear to have an atmosphere, at least not one like ours, however evidence shows that PTA is an Anaerobe, meaning that it does NOT require oxygen to live. Therefore, there is no evidence excluding the planet from the list of possible origins of PTA.

5. The only evidence that disclaims this theory is the fact that PTA was decidedly not anywhere in the rock found at the impact site. However, since we've seen the erratic and impossible behavior PTA expresses inside a host, we can't rule out the possibility that after death, or after enough time of not having a host, or even in a young stage, that PTA wouldn't either look entirely different from the microbes we are currently studying. It is also quite likely that PTA wasn't PTA until it got here, which could cause the current tests we use to detect it to be completely useless.

6. I am not saying that this is definitely the answer to the question of origins of PTA, however, it makes just as much sense as any other answer and we need to keep our minds open to this possibility when attempting to devise a cure or treatment. If PTA is not from our planet, there's a good chance that the eventual cure or treatment or vaccine will work in a completely different way from any other medicine we've ever used. We need to stay creative if we're going to beat this thing once and for all.

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