Email to Sylvan Watts

To: S.C.Watts@theorist.com
From: D.Linz@scientist.com
Dr. Watts,
You and I have spoken before. You have probably heard my name a few times lately, since one John Smith is trying to find me for so-called-treason. Please, before you report me, let me say that I am innocent. I will explain to you if you like, but at the moment, you're the only person I feel will be trustworthy in my situation.
Please, hear me out. I've found something strange in Eastern USA that I was hoping you could get some answers to. Obviously, due to my current political situation, I can't reach out to the scientific community like I would prefer, but this is urgent, and you know people. Good, honest people. That's what I need right now.

So, the point. I've found two subjects who are suffering from PTA in a manner in which we've not previously dealt. In their blood, obviously, is the parasite, however, there is something strange going on. Instead of the usual time table of death and reanimation, they suffer through the stages of decomposition very, very slowly. Upon blood analysis, I found one thing in common between the two subjects. These creatures:

A microscopic organism that eats DNA instead of having sex

I don't know what they are, but I've never seen anything like them. I can't kill them. I tried freezing them, dehydrating them, heating them up, microwaving them, dissecting them... to no avail. Nothing. Kills. Them.

BUT. It appears that they are doing something to the subjects' PTA parasites. They're only a hair larger than the parasites, but when put together, it seems as though they're eating the PTA. They move and attach like a leech, and by the time they're finished, the parasite is nothing but a husk, a shriveled husk. These could very well be a cure, however, after they're done with the PTA, they start to move on to any other organic material around them. Before introduction to PTA, they seem harmless to anything larger than their mouths. However, after they ingest the parasite, they become aggressive and start to chew on anything, and the symptoms are similar to that of PTA, but much more drawn out. They don't try to assimilate the tissue at first, they just eat it.

Please, help me, Dr. Watts. One of these subjects is a girl, about my age, and she's scared. I don't know what to tell her. I don't know how to help her. Please, help us.

Dahlia Linz

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