I understand your concern. But I believe I can trust you, and I know you can trust me. So, here's what I know:
The government is hiding something, I'm not sure what, but it has something to do with PTA. I think that someone has found something that may be dangerous. Perhaps they've found the source? Or maybe it's a way to create a weapon? I'm not sure, but it can't be good. I know that there are about 45 individuals who are working with full knowledge, give or take, and I know that their assistants and colleagues are completely in the dark. You are the only person outside of the loop who even knows that there is something to know--besides myself. I am not in the loop officially, and as far as anyone with any power is concerned, I have no idea that there is even a secret.
I was getting concerned about a conspiracy when I tried to contact a long-time friend of mine, who told me he was going to be busy about a week before you disappeared. I wanted to set up a meeting with him to reunite, just check in on each other, and he had never been one to avoid me before. When I asked him what he would be busy with, he evaded the question. Then, a week later, I hear that a young biologist has uprooted herself and her daughter and vanished without a trace--and stole a gun and jeep from her base. When the official word got out, it came in the form of a warrant for your arrest. When I saw the name on the release, I almost couldn't believe it. I've seen your input in different conferences, and spoken with people who have worked closely with you, and it didn't seem to add up. So I got in contact with your immediate supervisor, who told me that she was confident that you were okay, but that she had no idea where you were or what happened to you.
Among those signs were other, more abstract indicators that I won't go into detail about at the moment. However, I figured if anyone would tell me what I wanted to know, it would be someone who was off the grid. And I figured that there was little chance of coincidence that people would start acting strangely right before you disappeared with a mark on your head. (Figuratively, of course--they want you arrested, not dead).
I didn't know how to contact you, though. So I just started praying that God would take care of you, and would help our paths to cross. I know that you won't see it as divine intervention, but Dahlia, I am thankful that the lord provided this path for us to converge on. I'm glad that I had something that could help you, and I'm glad that my reputation was positive enough for you to seek me out when you needed a friend.
This is all I know, and I hope that it inspires you to find trust in me. Now, here is what I am asking of you:
I would like to know what the secret is. Or, at the very least, the possible political implications of the secret breaking the public. I don't want to break the secret outright, I just want to know why it is so important to keep it secret, that way I can, in good conscious, continue to not spill the fact that there is a conspiracy of some sort going on right now. And I would like to use my connections and influence to help the public and my friends prepare for the inevitable day when this secret becomes public. So please, share with me what made you so afraid that you fled, and tell me why you don't share your knowledge with the world.
I know why you may not want to share with me: I have power. I have influence. I have contacts. If I knew where you were or what you knew, there's always the chance that I could betray you and capture you. But you have the power of anonymity right now. You could tell the public, but you've chosen to stay silent. Why?


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