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Private minutes from the office of Sylvan Watts.
Security Rating: 9817/10000
Any information found here is of utmost confidentiality, and any information found or shared from these records are in violation of the Federal code of Coober, New Earth v5.6, section 8474.234.E. Sharing of information found within is punishable by the full extent of the law, up to and including expulsion. If you are finding these notes in error, please disregard and disengage.


Sylvan Watts: She's doing all right. Not very happy, but she's alive, and, for the most part, cooperating.

Newton Crowne (via instant chat link): That's better than I expected. Good work, Sylvan. I figured by this point she would have started getting suspicious. And her little friend?

SW: Unfortunately, the girl began mutating shortly after she got here. We haven't really gleaned any information from her, except that those bugs are interacting extremely strangely. We've had our best people working overtime for weeks, to no avail. I think the only person who had made any progress on it was Linz, but obviously that's not an option.

NC: You have her notes, right?

SW: We confiscated them as soon as she got here. She asks about them sometimes, if we've made any progress. If her friend is getting any better.

NC: What have you been telling her?

SW: I've been trying to subtly put her down. She's started doubting herself. I've tried to hint at the idea that the parasites she was using were of little help, that we've had the girl in ICU, and that she's stable but unresponsive to any treatment.

NC: So she thinks the parasites are a dead end. Does she know about the state of affairs?

SW: Our networks are extremely heavily censored, and very discreetly so. To the best of our knowledge,through the minor surveillance we were confident in planting, she doesn't suspect that her knowledge of the outside world is lacking.

NC: Has she been searching for anything specific?

SW: She constantly searches for any updates or changes in the PTA database. I provided her a minor CDC alias so she wouldn't be suspicious of my intentions. She looks at that, and occasionally runs a search for Dr. John Smith.

NC: Still got that school girl crush, huh?

SW: No, I think she's afraid he's going to find her still. She has no idea of the truth. She's even been getting involved with an organic member of Coober, his name is Jace. They've been sort of dating. It's very awkward, but it's a great way to distract her.

NC: What's she been doing there, anyways?

SW: She's moved around in a few entry-level positions.

NC: Couldn't you have given her something a little more... keen to her interests? She was never a people person.

SW: No, we tried to convince her to go into nursing. She would have been very busy, very tired, and, I think, fulfilled. But she didn't like the idea. I'm not sure why. It really would have been her best chance at getting back in the field, realistically...

NC: Has she tested again yet?

SW: She's due in about a week, but like you said, she's not really a people person. She's not going to do well, until she accepts her lot in life.

NC: All right, Sylvan, I've got to go. Keep me posted.

SW: Before you go, what is the word on Smith?

NC: Very productive. He's heartbroken, it's great fuel. He figured out what we were up to pretty quickly, but he's still got some of the details twisted. Still obsessed with his alien theories.

SW: It's for the best. The more he thinks we know, the more power he'll think we have. Who knows, when it's all said and done, his alien theories are more plausible than anything else that's not been disproven yet. You know what they say, absence of proof is never proof of absence.

NC: There you go with your religious crap again. Whatever. We'll figure it out soon enough. And when we do, we'll finally have the power to achieve our goals.

SW: You sound like some kind of evil villain with a plot. Give it a rest, Newt.

NC: All right, I've really got to go now. Keep me posted. I mean it this time.

SW: Same to you.



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