((Out of Character, totally shameless self-promotion over here, hi!!!))

A word from our sponsor:
The dear beloved author.

Are you in the mood for some angst-ridden, sarcasm-dripping, unpopular opinion spouting nonsense straight from the unfiltered mind of The Author (when she's drinking)? Well, your prayers have finally been answered my friends!

The stand alone writings of a mad woman

And as a thank you for checking out my new blog, I'll even do you one better! The Journals are back in full swing--who knows how long it will last?

((Here's a secret--the more you share, the more she posts! She gets bored easily. But when her view counter and comments section are active she gets a little hysterical!))

The blog is also getting --drumroll please....-- A FACELIFT!

Well, a minor tweaks and twangs makeover, that is. So tell us in the comments! What do you love about the Undead Journals' home? What would you do to improve? I know, I know, it's perfect ((except for the lazy-ass author!!!)) But it's been years now, and Dahlia's desk is looking a little drab. Let's dress it up a bit!

((Lazy author here: any theories as to what's about to happen? What characters do you love? Who do you want to die a slow and agonizing death by parasite? And who's going to be here this weekend for the next episode??? Hopefully I will be. come on guys, it's been like... Three years, and I've been active for like 1/5 of it. I'm not very reliable. But my content is *usually* choice!!!))

So yeah, head on over to the drunk rants page. I tried to make it look like it was supposed to be classy, but it's really not that classy. Just my brain going too many ways at the same time. Most of the posts are shorter than this one, so why are you wasting your time here? Go get your giggle on! They're not all funny. Most of them are slightly depressing. What can I say? I'm a slightly depressed alcoholic. Deal with it.


Now, back to the story......

-She who shall not be named

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