Sylvan, Read this ASAP!!!

Sylvan, I received a voicemail for you while you were out.... I transcribed it below, and, forgive me for overstepping my boundaries, but.... What's going to happen?

Sylvan, it's Newton. We're through. Everything is ruined. You know what we were working on? It's out and it's FUCKING EVERYTHING UP.

You were wrong, Sylvan. That Dahlia girl is an idiot. Those parasites she was claiming were the cure? THEY'RE NOT!!!

The PTA parasite only went dormant temporarily, and then became much stronger. It's transmitted so much easier now. And it's like they worked together to become.... stronger or something. That girl, that damned dead girl that you sent over here for us to investigate? She died a few days after she got here. Suffocated on her own fluids. 

But the VERY NEXT DAY, she was moving around. You know how long that normally takes them, but she was UP. By the next week, she got out. She got out of a CDC holding tank BY HERSELF. And all she had to do was touch people and they started dropping. What's worse, is that, once she cleared the whole fucking building, she got out, Sylvan.
Patient zero got out.

And I've watched surveillance video feed of her moving across the god damned state. She's doing weird shit, Sylvan. She found a cemetery and picked up worms and held them up to her face, like she was licking them or something. Then she put them back in the ground. Then, a few hours later, there are all these fucking sinkholes all over the place, like a wave of ground giving way, and then you start seeing all these arms and legs just creeping out all over the place. And they start crawling around and it's like a sea of arms and legs and dead bodies.... And they're all following her, even though she's long gone, they're all going the same direction she went.

I know where they're going. And I do apologize for the tactlessness of this letter, but I feel very much out of control. I guess that's to be expected, I did just awaken yesterday. It's like, I'm getting my old self back more every hour, but now there's this other part of me, this craving, this need, this drive to go there and take as many people with me as possible. The desire to drag us all back there gets stronger every hour, and I don't think I can stay any longer. I'm leaving you this message as I follow it. And I want to tell you so bad where we're going because I want you to come with us so much!
We're going home, Sylvan. All of us. Back to the place it all began. Oh it will be a long walk, but we're going there and we're taking all the humans with us. Come with us, Sylvan. The mother will be so pleased to have recruited a mind like yours. We're going back to where she birthed us. You do remember? Back to the rock right outside Nixa? Come with us Sylvan. I don't want to leave you behind.  
:://End Transcription 


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