((Out of Character Post--SORRY!))

Hi guys, Alex here, how's everyone doing today???

I just wanted to say hello, and welcome! And explain a little bit about the blog, since I've got so many new people visiting this week!

So this blog works like a tv-show (that's how I explain it in my head) where every time I update, I build on what's already been happening. Now, I try to make it so that you can sort of pick up anywhere along the way and still enjoy what's going on, but to keep everything from being unbearably redundant, if you start in the middle you'll miss a lot along the way.

If I could change the way that blogger arranges the posts, I would make the oldest ones appear first on the home page, but alas, either you can't or I'm not savvy enough to do that!

SO, instead of it being easy, you can either move around using these dates on the right of the screen
Starting at the bottom and working your way up...

You can use the "show older posts" button on the bottom, again going all the way to the bottom and working your way up

OR you can visit the facebook page which is linked at the top of the page and every few weeks I like to post them in an order where the first post is at the top of the feed and you can catch up that way. The link is www.facebook.com/theundeadjournals, and it's linked up top.

So welcome to the story! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Alex (the author)