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If it's not a posting day, and you're hankering for some excellent, quality bloggity goodness, check out these links for some awesome pages to quench your thirst for now. Check it out!


Round' Daves
These guys are a group of nerds-for Zombies, apocalypse, table top gaming, and more. Go check out the miniatures, they're pretty much badass. VanDam's also got a monstrous list of cool blogs to check out (of course TUJ is listed!) so it's definitely a first-stop on your journey across blogger.

Round Daves

Become a Video Game Tester

These guys can help you become a video game tester and make some money working with companies like Blizzard, CapCom and EA. I'm happy here at the Undead Journals, but I figured you all would enjoy making some money sitting on your butts, right? Go check it out, a click won't kill you.

 Video game testers needed!

Other blogs by the Beloved Author

Stand Alone Writings
This is where the author of The Undead Journals goes to blow off steam, create, share short stories, basically just work on her omnibus. You know the deal. Check it out, it's good for a laugh sometimes.

Stand Alone Writing

Arts and Crafts with Alex
And this is just where the author makes some stuff and shows it off, or rants about crafting products and projects she hates. Or raves about the ones that rock. Get inspired!

Arts and Crafts with Alex

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