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Hello, everyone. It seems I've got some new readers, and it's just killing me to not break character in the story, so I just had to make another page to say this,

When I got a couple emails saying that I had received some comments, I felt the pit of my stomach drop. I'm very critical of my writing and myself, and I was sure they were people pointing out the flaws I know I've made. Instead, I found the sweetest comments, people saying they were 'hooked' and that they really enjoy my work. Maybe it's the cough syrup making this, but you guys made me cry. Random people I've never met liked my story! LIKE my story! Because I'm not stopping anytime soon.

I've also noticed that it is February, which means that TUJ's first birthday is right around the corner. Oh, my dearest readers, I must come up with something special to celebrate with you, mustn't I?

And on a side note, to all you new readers out there who have not been watching my process of style-discovery on my personal facebook page, or Dahlia's page, , I find it necessary to point out that I am quite aware of the fact that there are runon sentences, grammatical errors and spelling errors (I am a grammarnazi, just like you). I do leave them in tact, however, because I feel that a woman who essentially taught herself microbiology from a textbook, who essentially has no more than a middle school education (really, in a zombie apocalypse I would think that homework would be the least of any girl's worries) would probably speak like a regular human being, and since this is essentially her diary, she's not expecting you nitpickers to be all up in her business. I like the errors because they give it an authentic feel, and like some have told me 'I have a hard time not believing this was real!' THAT, my friends, is exactly the result for which I aim.

Continue loving my work, and I will continue loving you, and if you are a member of facebook, please feel free to like the page. Every time I post here, I share it there two or three times throughout the days, so if you're an avid facebooker like me, it's a convenient way to remember and know when the next post is available. Good luck guys, talk to you again, soon!


Someone on facebook said my name was awesome :D Also, things seem to be going very well here. I'm glad I decided to do a little marketing. I was very worried that I would get a resounding "YOU SUCK" from strangers reading, but it seems to be the exact opposite. This is so exciting!

I've also found that a lot of my readers here on blogger are apparently much more badass than I am. I am officially writing for my dream audience (as in, the people I wanted to be when I grew up). Just in case you don't know me, though, I'll share a little bit about myself that you may not know and that I find interesting, considering my current chosen project.

I am a very nervous person. I am afraid of new people (hence the nearly year-long wait before going fully public with this project). I am also obsessive about my health. In other words, what I write about scares the shit out of me. I usually write the morning after I've stayed up til 4am thinking about the what-if's in life. So I convert that negative energy into something that I might profit from. It's not art if it doesn't hurt, right? Haha!

What else might be interesting to you? I draw as well, and have actually made quite a collection of fan art for the blog (although Dahlia's appearance changes constantly.) Oh, and on that note, I must tell you, I have trouble remembering what Dahlia looks like. Because I'm writing in first person, and sometimes semi auto-biographical (as far as emotions and train of thought) I don't think of how she would look sitting there at the computer because, well, I AM sitting at the computer. Seeing a computer screen. Not a girl.

So I'm working on solidifying a description of her. I'm not sure if I've given her a description in length before, although I'm fairly certain she has red hair. Usually when I do pull away in my mind's eye and look at her she has red hair. BUT back to the artwork, I've done some fanart drawings and if you go to the facebook page, you can see that the heading of the page looks like decomposing flesh. That's from a store mannequin I bought from a shop that was closing down and I turned it into the torso of a rotting corpse. I've got six other mannies I haven't started on yet, but that's one of my favorite projects. OKAY, so anything else you want me to talk about here in the notes page, just drop a comment or send me a message! I'm an open book, seriously, and a narcissist. I love writing about myself :p

Just in case anyone is interested, I'll be publishing a very short ebook with Amazon soon. I would mark my calendar at somewhere around mid April for the release, if not sooner. The working title right now is The Corridor. I'll let you know if I change that. As always I'll be working under my own name, Alexandra Mallory. Stay awesome, guys!

Holy shit, I had forgotten all about that Corridor thing. It's actually a pretty decent story, but I think I've given up on the whole "I need to make my media into books" phase. I really enjoy the openness of blogging, and I'm going to do better about posting regularly, I swear.

Anyways, I've gotten a whole new outlook on life (and the world of TUJ) and am pretty excited about where everything is going. Let's get this ball rolling. Stay tuned for all new episodes, more action, more suspense, more mystery, and more WTF moments! Only here, on The Undead Journals.

So, the new layout looks super shiney, but it removed the facebook share button.... This is getting annoying. I'm about ready to just hire someone to write an entire layout from scratch. I love dynamic view, but there's not a lot of customization that can be had there....

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